Welcome to Evolved Gamer,

Evolved Gamer is now simply a online contact address for Tycoon (sometimes refered to as Taikun in other online games).

To sum things up, I am tired of the politics and work and have little to zero interest in dealing with the bullshit and garbage that comes with running any online team, clan, corporation or community. (Hacked servers, time and effort, costs involved etc)

I have ran large teams, small teams, online corporations, held director roles, and untold number of other leadership positions since 1996 in around 10 different online games.

One thing summed up all those experiences. My involvement with them eventually stopped being 'fun' for pretty much the same reasons. Someone always had a gripe... something always got broken... something always got hacked... something always got stolen...someones feelings always got hurt and most of the time nobody wanted to just play the f-ing game and have fun.

So I am completely done with it all for now. I play EvE-Online, Americas Army and occasionally Battlefield for fun and that is it.

I no longer will accept ANY responsibility whatsoever for any leadership positions in any game I play. I'll leave that job to the chumps that get off on that experience. (Suckers /heh heh) In fact, I refuse to even JOIN any team, clan or whatever. I will keep a [EG] tag in front of my name to keep the offers away to ensure my enjoyment of the game I play remains absolute. If you are like minded I encourage you to do the same and wear the [EG] tag with pride and enjoy the games you play.

I wish you all the best and happy gaming,

P.S. If you are seeking to contact me, email me at tycoon@evolved-gamer.com